Looking for the best locksmiths in Indian Trail? Well you have found the best and we are anxious to prove it to you. We are one of the most respected locksmith companies in the Indian Trail area. Indian Trail has been in the locksmith business since 2010. Over the years we have become respected experts and masters at our trade. Our company provides service for Safes, Residential, Commercial and Automotive. Whether you need the locks on your home rekeyed or changed, your business locks changed or rekeyed, new locks installed, or a lock repaired on your home, business, or safe.we have the knowledge, tools and experience to get the job done right the first time. Should you find yourself locked out of your car, home, or business we can get you back in fast and usually with no damage. We primarily specialize in opening safes and moving safes weighing up to 8,000 pounds. Our highly trained, licensed and insured locksmiths and safe technicians have the necessary skills, tools and experience to tackle every job from the smallest to the most technical. Call Indian Trail for all your lock, key and safe needs (704) 228-4721.


Locksmith Indian Trail offers lock rekeying services in Indian Trail for all residential buildings or homes. Lock rekeying is the process through which the pins or tumblers of a lock are removed and new pins of a different size are installed. As opposed to having to replace your entire lock when your keys are lost or stolen, lock rekeying is much less expensive and less time consuming. After the process of rekeying the locks in your residence is completed, you are then issued brand new keys that will now operate your locks. All of the old keys will now no longer operate the locks.


Our commercial locksmiths can get you back inside your business quickly, and usually without any damage to your locks, if you find yourself locked out. Locksmith Indian Trail commercial locksmiths can make you a new key from your existing lock, or rekey your locks to a different key. Don’t replace your locks… let our commercial locksmiths come out and change your locks to a new key. Then the old keys will no longer work! We can also repair broken locks or locks that aren’t operating properly, and help you avoid a lockout or other inconvenience in the future. While we are at your location, let us do a complete security survey of your business, and inform you of any potential security issues that you may not otherwise be aware of.

Schedule Our Commercial Locksmiths When:

  • You get locked out of your business, office, or other building or room.
  • You have to fire an employee, or one quits who has keys or codes to access your business.
  • An office key or lock stops functioning properly.
  • It becomes difficult to operate locks or keys.
  • You are unable to get a door to open.
  • A key to your business is lost, misplaced, or stolen.
  • You suspect or find out that someone has a key or code to one of your business’ locks that shouldn’t.
  • Every time you move in to a new business location. (Even if the landlord or prior occupant tells you that they gave you all of the keys in existence… you can never be sure!) Rekey the locks and be sure!
  • A key breaks off in a lock.
  • You have people coming into your business such as cleaning people, maintenance workers etc… and you want to control which door, locks, or times that they may enter your business.
  • A new lock or exit device needs to be installed.
  • You desire to have a Masterkey System setup on your building.
  • A panic bar or exit device stops working properly.
  • You want all of your locks to work with a single key.
  • You have a door that doesn’t close properly or doesn’t stay closed.
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    Locksmith Indian Trail is here for you on those unfortunate stressful occasions when you find that your keys have been locked in your car. It always seems to happen at the worst possible time, like just when hurrying off to work, school or an important appointment. Don’t feel bad it happens to everyone at one time or another. We will do our very best to get there quickly by sending our closest technician and get you back on your way fast.

    Just give us a call and one of our friendly licensed and insured automotive locksmiths or car door unlocking technicians will be dispatched right away to your location to get you back in your car in a jiffy! We are professionals so we will unlock your car without any damage to your vehicle. We can unlock your vehicle regardless what type of vehicle you drive. Whether you drive a car, SUV, minivan, truck, van, RV, motor home, semi, moving truck, bus or even an armored car. (some limitations exist..)


    Emergency situations can happen to anyone and at any point of time. More often, emergencies are dealt on the spot. Our certified emergency locksmiths in Indian Trail are readily available 24/7 to help you in the time of your need, no matter whatever the time of day or night. We are active round the clock to serve your emergency lockout needs right away with precision and a key focus.

    Indian Trail Locksmith is a dependable and trustworthy locksmith company based in Indian Trail. We only appoint professional locksmiths that are experienced and expertly trained at their task. Understanding the importance of situations, our emergency locksmiths are always prepared. We strive to ensure optimal customer service at competitive prices. Our quick response team will be right there fast and attend to the issue in a professional way, so you can be sure that your possessions and assets are safe than they are before.

    Call Our Emergency Locksmith for Quick Response

    Do you need a Indian Trail emergency locksmith in a hurry? No matter whatever time - whether it’s day or night, call Indian Trail Locksmith. We are just a phone call away in Indian Trail. for immediate availability, contact Indian Trail Locksmith as soon as possible and one of our emergency locksmiths will be on the way!

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    When you need a car key replacement in Indian Trail, opt for locksmith services from the licensed and insured professionals at Indian Trail Locksmith Pro. As an established company with hundreds of customers, we are a trusted source for a Indian Trail car key replacement. Why settle for mediocre handymen when you can have background-checked and qualified experts handle the job? We are available 24/7 and offer free estimates. Give our local office a call now to speak with a courteous staff member and schedule your appointment or request an urgent dispatch today!


    Car keys are easy to misplace and losing keys happens to the best of us. Car keys can also break. In order to minimize the possibility of keys breaking, Indian Trail Locksmith Pro chooses to work with high-quality products from renowned manufacturers. We believe that work should be done well and with quality the first time around. To deliver high quality products, we work with brands such as Schlage, Baldwin, Arrow, Kaba, Kwikset, Medeco, and more. So, when you choose to work with Indian Trail Locksmith Pro for your car key replacement, you can rest assured that you will be receiving a sturdy product.


    Reliable, Quality, Affordable & Fast Service


    We have some of the best pricing in town for locksmith services, call us for our specials and a free quote.


    Our locksmith technicians are professionally trained with the experience to handle any job small or large.


    We are available around the clock for your emergency needs in Indian Trail.

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    Call us for the best locksmith service in Indian Trail NC area: (704) 228-4721.